We provide comprehensive and practical notes for all of our events, and these have proved to be particularly popular with delegates. While we encourage people to attend the events rather than relying exclusively on the notes, we appreciate that this is not always possible. Therefore, the notes may be purchased separately through this site. Below, are some of the titles which are currently available and the price of each one.

If you are not attending a seminar but would like access to the notes, or if you are attending a seminar but would like access to notes for a different seminar in addition to the one you are attending, please email info@lawseminars.ie including your name and the notes to which you would like access.

In addition to these notes, you may also purchase precedents for court applications and other commercial transactions by visiting our Precedents Section.


Notes for seminar on Debt recovery

"Debt recovery: Practice and Procedure"

Note for seminar on Corporate Insolvency

Part 1: "Corporate Insolvency: creditors' remedies against insolvent companies"

Part 2: "Shareholders' rights and remedies"

Notes for seminar on Mortgage proceedings and personal insolvency

Prosecuting and Defending Mortgage Proceedings




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